Are You Tired of Dating Sites?

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Are you tired of dating sites not working for you? What is wrong with those dating sites? Maybe lots. Maybe nothing.

What if you are the common denominator? Ooh, that is an interesting thought. Could that be true?

What if you are sending out the wrong message or a confusing vibe? OR maybe you don’t yet believe you deserve a beautiful love relationship. Could that be it?

Let’s test that theory. What if I tell you that you are unique, unforgettable, loveable, and have much to offer? What if you are on a date, and your date tells you that you are amazing and they like you? Would you believe them? Or would you think there is an ulterior motive? Hmm?

Is it the dating site or the people and their mindset that make a dating site successful? Are you ready for a relationship? Do you honestly believe that you will find your ideal romantic relationship? Believing in yourself is Step #1. A belief in the possibility that you will find the right match is Step #2. It does not matter how much you believe number #2; nothing will work out if you don’t believe in yourself and all you have to offer.

So, is it the dating site’s fault, or is it you who is not ready?

As always, I invite your comments.

Love, Suzanne


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