Dating, Love, and the Law of Attraction

Dating, Law of Attraction, Mindset

Is this you? You are tired of being alone. You desire a love relationship in your life. You want someone to talk to, someone to spend nights with, and someone to share the ups and downs of life with.   

Congratulations! You’re defining what you want. But what’s next? How do you get to the relationship you want and out of the loneliness? 

The BIG question, though, is how can the Law of Attraction work in MY life to bring me the relationship I want when I am obviously alone?

Let’s cover some essential points for using the Law of Attraction to attract the relationship of your dreams into your life:

 Step #1: Choose what you desire to have in your life. Be as specific as you can.

Step #2: Believe and expect you can have what you desire – know it is yours simply because you chose it. I know that is the hard one, but if you cannot believe you can have it, how can you get it and keep it? One idea may be to look for others that have it – that helps you believe that you can have it too.

 Step #3: Relax and allow it to appear in your life. Relaxing and trusting are often where we get stuck. How it shows up in your life is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is to listen or watch for inspiration, thoughts, and guidance on what actions (if any) you need to take to get what you desire. Relax and allow; they will come to you. Trust me on this. 

Will the actions be difficult? Never. If it seems complicated, you must stop because chances are that you need to follow your ever-knowing inner guidance to achieve what you have chosen.

It’s all about focusing and relaxing into what you desire. It’s important NOT to focus on any current situation that you do not like.

Using the Law of Attraction for your benefit is one mindset tool out of many that will get you to your ideal romantic relationship. Focus on little things to gain confidence – soon, you will be the one saying Wow! I like this! The stuff I want is showing up!

Please keep me posted and let me know how I can help with your mindset. I want you to live that dream life. I know you can.

 With great love, Suzanne


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