Have You Given Up On Love?

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Have you said this? “I have given up on finding love.” Does that statement make you feel empowered, or does it make you sad? Tell the truth to yourself right now. I must delve into this, right?

If we bury our dream of finding someone to share our life with romantically – that may be safer and less stressful. You can think of more reasons to give up on love, right? How about I feel foolish dating, I’m too old, fat, skinny, taking too much time, using too much energy. Perhaps you’re beginning to feel hopeful, and then your hopes are dashed – again and again. Or, maybe you don’t want to be rejected. So you say to yourself, “I am happy. I am happy in every other area of my life – I should settle for what I have and be grateful. I can live alone and be alone because I am independent. I don’t need anyone.”

If we bury our dreams, we don’t have to think about them – we can go on just the way we have been, and that will be okay. It will, won’t it? Well, that is certainly one way to look at it.

What if you hold on to the statement, “I have given up”? Have you settled? Will you one day say, “I wish I had tried; I wish I had gone for it”? Worse – will you have to acknowledge one day that you are lonely?

WAIT. What if you don’t bury your dream of finding a love relationship? What would the rewards be if you acknowledged this dream, gave it life, pursued it some more, or allowed it to chase you? You could capture your vision in a way that helps you find and enjoy all the things you love about your life and leave the door open to possibilities. Wouldn’t that feel better?

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