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How do we improve the dating experience? Let’s begin by looking at how we are prepare externally AND internally. Ready to dive in? Let’s start with a definition of external and internal in this scenario… External is how you look. Internal is about your inner thoughts; what are you thinking.

Here is the truth, you can primp and preen for hours; however, if you have yet to prepare yourself internally, all that time spent on your looks will have been wasted. Ugh! It’s the truth; if you give it some thought, you will see it.

So, it won’t be the fatter lips or the 6-pack stomach that will make or break your date night; it will be your attitude and thoughts.

Shall we look at attitude? Alright! Practice asking these questions before going on that date:

  • What is my expectation of how the evening will go?
  • What is my expectation of how the other person will behave?
  • How do I feel about myself and my worthiness in finding love?
  • Is it my expectation that past events I did not like will repeat?
  • Is it my expectation to create a brand new, beautiful story?

Our attitude will make or break our date, and that is internal. What are your thoughts on this? Does it ring true for you? And most important, how have you been showing up for your dates lately?

With great love, Suzanne


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