A Story Better Than Hallmark, How to Shift Your Life. – With Suzanne & Judi

by | Jan 2, 2023

15-years after a divorce, Judi had broken dreams and gave up on finding love again.

Full of self-doubt, she had to pick up the pieces and start fresh every day, making all the decisions for herself. She buried herself in work as so many people in this position do. It was lonely and exhausting

Judi was looking for a husband, but finally I gave up. Have you ever felt that way?

How did Judi go from there to more male attention in a few days than she had in years? Judi said: “Something shifted, I was skeptical, but I was curious enough to start looking through the course material. I don’t believe these things just happen. We need to be ready and open. The timing has never been right, but I’m done waiting and I’m Ready.”

Are you Ready? Listen to this podcast.

Then join the conversation. What are your “Aha” moments? What would you love to hear more of?

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