Communication Builds Relationships – with Suzanne & Linda

by | Dec 5, 2022

Today Suzanne is with Linda Leinbach Frambes. Linda helps men understand what their partner wants and needs.

You will learn:

  1. What makes Men and women feel loved.
  2. How does a Man automatically become more attractive?
  3. What will cause her to feel safe and able to trust you.
  4. What happens if we assume.
  5. How to really listen to your partner.
  6. Why do some relationship challenges repeat?
  7. How to win the fight.
  8. When did your relationship take the back seat?

Join the conversation. What are your “Aha” moments? What would you love to hear more of?

Linda Leinbach Frambes, can be contacted at:

254/978-2171. Or email her at

Special Offer,

Beginning Jan 16, 2023 Linda is starting a Special pilot program just for men. Ask Linda how you can get your 50% off! If you are starting a relationship or need to re-ignite an existing relationship, this is for you!

Contact Linda now. She will be a Blessing in your life.

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