Does this Truth Serve You? – With Suzanne and Shawn

by | Nov 1, 2022

This Podcast started out being just for fun and ended up with some real nuggets.

First we will explore what is the truth you are living by and is it serving you.

Then we will look at what is Truth and what isn’t.

Then the power of choice. Can we really choose a new truth?

Could having the relationship you have been looking for be Easy and Fun?

If so How do I make it happen? (Spoiler it’s easy to do and easy not to do)

Why is my mind like a Google search? How can I take advantage of that?

What do my expectations have to do with it?

How to love your life again. Will this really make me more attractive?

Would you like support to recover after your divorce and have the confidence to really be ready for a new love relationship?

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