How to Be Your Strong Confident Self – With Suzanne & Carley

by | Aug 16, 2022

Today we talk with Carley, a business person and artist. She has been divorced twice.

The first time, she married young and they did the best they could with 3 kids.

It’s now been three years since her last divorce.

She needed to learn who she really is and how to reprogram her life and get out of Victim hood.

She had the picture of her life and success, the old programming needed to change.

Discover how to make the shift and choose to be happy. Be the designer of your life.

Realize, It doesn’t have to be a certain way there’s no right or wrong. No hand book on this.

Be strong in yourself first. Communicate how you feel and be willing to have a voice.

Learn to connect to your heart and how you really feel.

Don’t let your logic pull you out and away from your heart and how you really feel. Allow it to be an adventure.

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