Suzanne and Shawn Bandick, Relationship Coaches 

We are relationship coaches helping people looking for a partner and a long-term relationship.

Up Close and Personal.

Our short story is we have been privileged to study the art of relationships with Bob Proctor and have gone on to coach together for years. Our business clients started to become relationship clients when they saw that we had faced all the same challenges they were facing and continued to be strong together.  

We have been together for a long time through all the ups and downs of life. What held us together? We each had values and philosophies that were important to us, so we developed our own rules to live by based on those values. 

Early in our relationship, we moved away from family and friends, bought a house, and started a business in our new town. You can bet we faced some challenges there and still worked through them together. Since then, we raised the bar in case normal life wasn’t challenging and stressful enough on our relationship. We started and ran businesses in (3) countries with (2) different languages and legal systems. All the while our relationship weathered the storms. We feel privileged to be able to coach people and help them create their values and build their own strong relationships.

Suzanne Bandick with arms around Shawn Bandick's waist.

The business side of our story.

Why we moved from business coaching to relationship coaching, and how we made that decision.



The business of relationship coaching started when we had more and more business clients coming to us when they needed help in their relationships. And by us, I mean to Suzanne. 

Suzanne Bandick at whiteboard



I helped business owners plan how to move forward in their businesses. Taking over these front-end communications with our relationship clients was a natural shift for me.

shawn bandick



In all our businesses, we were always coaching, training, and helping people to build strong, successful business relationships. Many of those same people began sharing personal problems and seeking advice and support.

After working with people who didn’t have the skills or knowledge to let go of the hurt and create a better relationship, we decided to shift from business coaching to relationship coaching.

Both of us were completely in alignment with this decision. Shawn loves helping people uncover what they want and what is holding them back in our discovery calls. Suzanne radiates love wherever she goes. People gravitate to her to feel her love for them, which is beneficial as she guides them through the healing process. Suzanne provides our clients with tools they will use forever to have the best relationship of their lives.


We knew it was time to shift from business coaching to relationship coaching.

Suzanne Bandick hugs Shawn Bandick


Is this for you?

People who choose to work with us are looking for a way to prepare themselves for a mature, loving relationship. They are willing to invest in themselves and in their future. In short, they are ready, willing, and able to do “the work.” 

It is only natural that you have questions about our services and how they may fit with your personal goals for healing and developing the skills to find the partner of your dreams.

If this sounds like you, here’s how to get more information and a complimentary 1-hour session with Shawn.

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3.  Book your complimentary 1-hour session with Shawn.


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