When Fears Get In Our Way

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Believe it or not, our fears can be significant obstacles to our ability to live into our best-loving romantic relationships and all of our grandest dreams.

Come on, you know you’ve had a few fears gently tap you on the shoulder now and then. We all have them occasionally – and there is no shame in that, even if we have read all the self-help books and know all about the Law of Attraction.

Here are some of the top dream stealers’ when it comes to finding a relationship:

  • Being afraid to fail. We will not find someone.
  • Being afraid that if we commit, the other person may not.
  • Being afraid to choose the wrong person.
  • Being afraid we are not good enough.

The first step is to identify our fears – that’s often easy if we listen to that little gremlin talking in our ears. That gremlin will even give you a detailed list. Usually, when our fears are written down and examined, we can manage them far better and figure out how best to deal with them. Call on your favorite life and love coach if you need help working through any of them.

Don’t let a gremlin sabotage your dream; say, “Thank you for sharing. Now step aside; this is my new story.” Now, go on and live all your grand dreams and live in that beautiful, loving romantic relationship!

Imagine how good it will feel to say, “I told you I could do it!”

With great love, Suzanne


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